"I went to Dr. Hollis for dizziness on the advice of a friend.

I was surprised at the amount of time he spent with me. X-rays were taken in-office, I didn’t need to waste time at the hospital for them. And Linda, who took my X-rays was amazing.

Dr. Hollis showed and explained my X-rays to me, then adjusted, and I was put on therapy.
Another surprise, dizziness gone!

I relocated to the West Coast (Silicon Valley Area), and then started searching for a new Chiropractor. Turned out to be a bigger job than I thought. As I understand it, the adjustment that Dr. Hollis used on me (HIO) is kind of a lost art, not many Chiropractors know it. For my problem, this is the adjustment that I need.

I eventually found an HIO Dr. I need to drive a ways, but it’s worth it.

So glad that my friend referred me to Dr. Hollis, and thankful for his care."

- SS

"I loved seeing my xrays! I always knew I had problems but actually seeing why really helped me."

- LB

"Dr. Hollis did an excellent job easing my nervousness as a new chiropractic patient. His knowledge and professionalism provided me the comfort and relief I needed. He listened to what I had to say and kept me informed through the process."

- MW

"I used to have frequent allergy related headaches. After being adjusted regularly I was able to stop my allergy shots."

- RB

"My whole family comes to see Dr. Hollis after he helped me with my low back pain. Great results. Friendly staff!"

- JS

"I had been told by an ortho that the cause of my frequent migraines and neck pain was a herniated cervical disc. He told me that the only solution was fusion surgery. After taking xrays Dr. Hollis showed and explained my problem to me, as the ortho had not. Dr. Hollis advised me against the surgery, as it can eventually cause problems with other parts of the spine. I do have chronic neck pain due to the irreversible damage done to my cervical spine, but with Dr. Hollis’ specialized adjustment, I have avoided spinal surgery and have only had one migraine in the he past 6 years."

- LD

"I didn’t even know that spinal care was a thing until I went to CHCC for low back pain. Dr. Hollis xrayed me and showed me my problem. I don’t miss my monthly appointments."

- DB


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